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4 creative youngsters for different streams of film making had started a group called chaistories with a vision of creating Online mini Bollywood .we started creating short scripts and with the help of “the boxx studios “production we started converting the scripts into short films ..On the basis of Bollywood we upload and release this film every Friday on YouTube.  



Still in the Testing or Beta mode of Chai stories we have released more the 90 short films on social media on every Friday basis .as per the audience feedback “films are interesting and entertaining and waiting for the next release”. The viewers of these Friday films are increasing daily on whatsapp and in groups and like our concepts and.. People are now showing serious interest in our films and keep engaging with comments and likes. The short films are also liked by some good corporate houses, well known persons of the city media production house generalists and film festival organizers



a noncommercial film making group chaistories become popular in its beta mode. We have received 5 awards and 4 nominations till date and more the 30 news presence in the city .... more the 70 artists are using this platform and creating artwork graphics, music videos, social films ,short films, documentaries, etc  the structure of chaistories is now much more organized and 

  Team Strength







4 permanent


Audience want to watch their own stories  and the story of other peoples ..if the like the video the definitely share it and the stories of others


6 permanent


each director have different perspective of making film … with different taste


3 permanent

8 freelancers

We can shoot multiple films and shots same time


3 permanent

10 freelancers

We can edit multiple films at same time


30 permanent

100 freelancers

Instant artist availability

Graphic designers

2 Permanent

5 freelancers

We can launch posters timelines and even brand mascot graphics time to time to promote films


Basic Infra

Rented Infra.

Instant equipment availability




The model of chai stories is now ready to commercialized with more perfect approach



Digital Entertainment zone for audience

Increase more and more audience Engagement in this Entertainment zone.

Incorporating Brands and corporates in short films and graphics

Creating Interesting Digital Bridge between Brands and audience

Generating Revenue from corporates, Brands, App users, and audience